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Prime Auction 1

Zeus Numismatics, Prime Auction 1

Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Islamic Coins

Su, 17.11.2019, from 06:00 PM CET
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KINGS of CAPPADOCIA. Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios, 96-63 BC.AR Drachm , Mint A (Eusebeia), RY 30 = 66/5. Diademed head of Ariobarzanes to right. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ / APIOBAPZANOY / ΦIΛOPΩMAIOY Athena Nikephoros standing left; to inner left, monogram; in exergue, ΔI (date). Simonetta 44a.

Condition: Very Fine

Weight: 3.98 gr
Diameter: 20 mm

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