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SWEDEN. Gustav Vasa, 1523-60. 1/2 Mark 1560, Stockholm. 5.82 g. Ahlstrom 133b. Gustav Vasa is known as the country father of Sweden and 'Modern time' starts when he was crowned on 6th June 1523, which remains the National Day in Sweden. Through a number of methods, some more ruthless than others, he filled the Crown's coffers and secured the country's borders. At the end of his reign, in 1560, he had successfully laid a robust foundation upon which his three sons Erik, Johan and Karl could take the country to further riches. The coinage saw immense change during his reign and coin production took place in no less than 4 locations. Aabo mint, on the west coast of Finland, was in operation from 1556-58 to service the eastern part of the country. Coins from Aabo are recognised by the acorn mintmark and are extremely rare. When the mint packed up in 1558, they brought equipment back to Stockholm and minting continued there. This 1/2 mark shows the acorn mintmark for Aabo on the obverse and the cross for Stockholm on the reverse. Two types exist with the date in the legend and both are unique (Ahlstrom/SM 133b: 'Unik'). Apart from being of outmost rarity, the coin is also one of the best preserved 1/2 marks from Gustav Vasa extant. The detail is astonishing, no doubt displaying one of the most attractive portraits of Gustav Vasa out there. Here is a once in a lifetime chance to obtain an extraordinary and unique coin with a very special place in history.

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