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Ancient, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, and World Coins

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SASANIAN KINGDOM: Yazdigerd III, 632-651, AR drachm (3.51g), AHM (Hamadan), year 6, G-236, Tyler-Smith type 3, Tyler-Smith knew of only one type 3 drachm of year 6 (mint of AW), and no AHM mints of any year for Yazdigerd III, countermark #11 in ObQ1, somewhat harshly cleaned, VF, RRR. Year 6 of Yazdigerd corresponds to 637/638 AD, not long before the Arab conquest of Hamadan, which occured during or just after the Battle of Nihawand in December 638. This piece appears to be unique, the last Sasanian coin struck at Hamadan, and of the highest rarity.

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