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Savoca Coins London, Black | 2nd Black Auction

Tareq Hani Collection - Ancient and World Coins

Sa, 29.02.2020, from 07:00 PM CET
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Seleukid Kingdom. Antioch on the Orontes. Philip I Philadelphos circa 95-75 BC. Struck circa 88/7-76/5 BC
Tetradrachm AR

26mm., 15,42g.

Diademed head right within fillet border / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟV ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟVΣ ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΟV, Zeus Nikephoros seated left, to outer left, Φ above A, monogram beneath throne, all within wreath.

very fine

SC 2463.2a; HGC 9, 1319. From The Tareq Hani collection

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