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Savoca Coins London, Silver | 3rd Silver Auction

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Su, 15.09.2019, from 06:00 PM CEST
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Phoenicia. Tyre circa 126 BC-AD 65. Dated CY 88=39/8 BC
Tetradrachm - Shekel AR

27mm., 13,53g.

Laureate bust of Melkart right / ΤΥPΟΥ ΙΕΡΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΣΥΛΟΥ, eagle standing left on prow, palm branch at shoulder, ΠH (date) above club to left, o ΔΙ to right, Phoenician letter (?) between legs.

nearly very fine

Cf. DCA Tyre Supp. 298-300 (none and various letters).

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Price realized 320 GBP 6 bids
Starting price 200 GBP
The auction is closed.
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