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Savoca Coins London, Silver | 3rd Silver Auction

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Su, 15.09.2019, from 06:00 PM CEST
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Kings of Macedon. Tyre. Philip III Arrhidaeus 323-317 BC. In the name and types of Alexander III. Struck under Laomedon. Dated RY 28 of 'Ozmilk=322/1 BC
Tetradrachm AR

25mm., 16,79g.

Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress, paws tied beneath chin / ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔ[ΡΟΥ], Zeus seated left on low-backed throne, right leg drawn back, his feet resting on a low foot rest, holding long scepter in his left hand and, in his right, eagle standing right with closed wings, -|O (Phoenician 'K = 'Ozmilk [king of Tyre]) above || ||| ||| = (date [28 in Phoenician]), Phoenician A beneath throne.

very fine

Price 3272 (Ake); DCA 737.

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Price realized 140 GBP 3 bids
Starting price 100 GBP
The auction is closed.
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