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Galba AD 68-69. Struck circa AD December 68. Rome
Sestertius Æ

33mm., 25,38g.

SER [SVLPI] GALBA IMP CAESAR AVG P M TR P, laureate, and draped bust of Galba, left / [A]DLOCVTIO in exergue, [S C in exergue or to left and right ?], Galba, bareheaded, in military dress, standing right on low platform with officer behind him, two soldiers face him, one carrying shield and standard, the other shield and spear, horse between them, two soldiers behind standing right, carrying vexillum and two spears, aquila in front.

nearly very fine, dark brown patina, with orichalcum highlights

Cf. RIC I 465 (S C flanking) and 468 (S C in exergue).

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