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Silver | 41st Silver Auction

Savoca Coins, Silver | 41st Silver Auction

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Su, 23.02.2020, from 04:00 PM CET
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Mysia. Pergamon 166-67 BC. Struck circa 95-92 BC
Cistophoric Tetradrachm AR

26 mm., 12,70 g.

Basket (cista mystica), with half-open lid, from which snake coils, around, ivy wreath with fruits / Two snakes coiled around a bow case ornamented with aplustre, and containing a strung bow, between the snake heads, ΜA, to left, civic monogram of ΠΕΡ, to right, thyrsos entwined by a serpent.

very fine

Kleiner, Hoard 17; Pinder 98; SNG France 1722-1723.

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