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Savoca Coins, Silver | 31st Silver Auction

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Troas. Alexandreia. Caracalla AD 198-217.
Bronze Æ

25 mm., 8,94 g.

M AVRE ANTONINOC (sic), laureate, and cuirassed bust right / COL A-LE-XA-N-D AVG, Alexander III on Bucephalas left, raising right hand, statue of Apollo Smintheus holding bow and patera to right.

very fine

SNG Copenhagen 137 (described as Emperor on horseback).

Among the roman emperors, Caracalla was the one, who idolized Alexander the Great and sought to emulate him more than any other. To revive the memory of the Macedonian King in every possible way, he ordered statues and paintings of his hero to be put on public display in all cities, and put his portrait on his coins. This coin is a characteristic issue.

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