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Septime Sévère (193-211) et Caracalla Aureus - Rome (202-210) D’une qualité remarquable. Semble unique sans la cuirasse. Exemplaire de la vente H.J. Berk 111 du 28 octobre 1999, N°35 et de la collection M. Melcher vente Triton VI du 14 janvier 2003, N°931 et de la collection P.F. Molina vente Aureo & Calicó « Imagines Imperatorum » du 8 février 2012, N°155 Exemplaire illustrant le Calicó et le A. Pangerl (ed.), PORTRAITS. 500 Years of Roman Coin Portraits, Munich 2017, p. 115, N°306 7.23g - Cal. 2597c (cet exemplaire) Superbe à FDC - NGC CHOICE AU (5/5 4/5) Whilst this coin evokes the emperor’s victory in Parthia in AD 198, and the capture of its capital Ctesiphon (south of Bagdad) – which justifies the use of the adjective INVICTII (undefeated), the two Augusts are said to be PII (the plural of pious), a title which they adopted in AD 201 – the year in which the dynastic series was initiated. There were numerous reasons to emit it, not just the many celebrations in AD 202-204 for Severus’s decennalia (on which see Cassius Dio, and a recent article in Histos 11, 2017, 154-161), for which his arch was erected in Rome, but also the return in the summer of AD 202 of the imperial family who had been absent from Rome for almost five years in order to conquer Parthia and manage the Eastern provinces. Part of the celebrations included the distribution of ten aurei to each praetorian guard, a donative for which this coin might have been struck. Otherwise, it could have been struck early 202, when Severus and Caracalla held a joint consulship.

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