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Marc Aurèle (161-180) Aureus - Rome (151-152) D’une qualité et d’un style exceptionnels. Un des plus beaux exemplaires connus. Exemplaire de la vente Leu 50 du 25 avril 1990, N°318 Exemplaire illustrant le A. Pangerl (ed.), PORTRAITS. 500 Years of Roman Coin Portraits, Munich 2017, p. 94, N°237 et p. 327, N°21 7.44g - Cal. 1816 FDC Exceptionnel - GEM MS Clementia on the reverse is the rather rare personification of mercy, a feeling compatible with a philosopher dwelling on the emptiness of glory. Indeed, Marcus Aurelius is better remembered for his philosophical work than for his actions as Emperor, and it is rather ironic to see him as an attractive young man (born in AD 121) on this beautiful lustrous gold coin, when one reads writings of his such as “Shall mere fame distract you? Look at the speed of total oblivion of all and the void of endless time on either side of us and the hollowness of applause... For the whole earth is but a point, and of this what a tiny corner is our dwell- ing-place, and how few and paltry are those who will praise you.” But, though Aurelius had been nicknamed the ‘most truthful one’ (verissimus) by Hadrian, rather than a true bearded philosopher, the magnificent portrait here shows a very fashionable bust, a young prince – a hero.

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