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Trajan (98-117) Denier - Rome (c. 112-113) Restitution d’un denier républicain de Claudius Marcellinus (50 av. J. C.) D’une insigne rareté - 10 exemplaires connus selon B. Woytek le seul en main privée. Exemplaire de la vente NAC 33 du 6 avril 2006, N°479 Exemplaire illustrant le Woytek. 3.47g - C. manque - Woytek pl. 129 N°834 (cet exemplaire) Superbe - AU * This exceedingly rare coin, struck under Trajan, copies a denarius of 50 BC issued by the moneyer P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus (ref. Crawford 439/1). The obverse shows the head of the general M. Claudius Marcellus, consul five times, with a triskeles behind that reminds of his conquest of Syracuse in 211 BC during the second Punic War. The reverse shows the moneyer’s ancestor, carrying a Gallic trophy into the tetrastyle temple of Jupiter Feretrius (supposedly the first temple to have been built in Rome), which commemorates his victory of 222 BC against the Celtic Insubres under their king Britomartis.

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