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Macédoine - Démétrios Poliorcète (306-284) Tétradrachme - Amphipolis (289-288) Magnifique portrait de haut relief. Rayure au revers. Exemplaire de la collection Rockefeller University of New-York, vente Gemini 7 du 8 janvier 2011 et de la vente Gorny 207 du 15 octobre 2012, N°179 17.21g - Newell 120 - Pozzi 963 Superbe - AU Until c. 292-291 BC, the coin types used in Macedon showed the portrait of Alexander the Great (336-323 BC). Demetrios then replaced it with his own head, adorned with bull’s horns. This was a very significant change, which inaugurated a long tradition of numismatic portraits of reigning monarchs, the more so since the mighty Alexander himself had not been honoured with a portrait during his lifetime. The innovation was such that, according to Roman historians, Demetrius’ subjects were scandalized by his hubris, and these coins precipitated his downfall.

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