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Macédoine - Aéropos II (398-394) Tétradrachme - Aigai Exemplaire de la vente Münzen & Medaillen 47 des 30 novembre et 1 décembre 1972, N°448 et de la vente Peus 388 du 1 novembre 2006, N°22 et de la vente Triton XV du 3 janvier 2012, N°1110 10.88g - SNG Alpha Bank 172 - Westermark, KME, pl. 69, 12 Superbe à FDC - CHOICE AU Aeropos, supposedly the grandson of Alexander I (c. 498-454 BC), was appointed regent by the Macedonian Assembly when the minor Orestes inherited the crown from his father Archelaus I in 399 BC. Orestes died soon after, of possibly unnatural death, and Aeropos became king. Diodoros (14.84.6) tells us that he died of an illness, and was succeeded by his son Pausanias, but very little is known of his reign.

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