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NETHERLANDS, The Dutch Republic. West-Friesland. Medal (Gold, 38.5 mm, 15.28 g, 12 h), medallic jeton in the weight of 4 1/2 Ducats, on the hopes for unity in the face of the dissensions of the United Provinces, unsigned but by Paulus Utenwael (Uyttenwael), 1604 (over 1596). TRAHITE ÆQVO IVGO 1604 (pulling under the same yoke) Yoke of two oxen drawing a car bearing an orange tree to left; in exergue, arms of West-Friesland. Rev. FRANGIMVR SI COLLIDIMVR (we are broken if we beat ourselves) Three fortified islands in the midst of the sea (Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik); below, ships and two floating pots separated by an orange branch; above, Hebrew name of Jehovah in clouds. Roovers: JMP 1953, 61 and JMP 1957 blz 43-48. Cf. Teylers TMNK 00341 (silver). Van Loon II, p. 11 and Van Loon I, p.469 (variants). Extremely rare in gold, very likely unique (and also very rare in silver). A particularly attractive piece. About extremely fine.
From an old Dutch collection.In 1957 (reference given above) the previous attribution to the engraver Casper Wyntjes was disproven and it was firmly ascribed to Utenwael.
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