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Probus, 276-282. Medallion (Bronze, 30 mm, 22.89 g, 12 h), Rome, 281-282. IMP PROBVS P F AVG Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Probus to left, holding spear in his right hand and with, over his left shoulder, a shield ornamented with Victory moving to left, leading the emperor, who is on horseback to left, his right hand raised in salutation, followed by a soldier marching left. Rev. MONETA AVG The Three Monetae standing facing, their heads to left; each holds a cornucopiae in her left hand and, in her right, a pair of scales, suspended over a pile of coins at her feet. Bastien, Buste, pl. 119, 2 (same obverse die). Cohen 376. Gnecchi 24. Pink VI/1 p. 47. Very rare. With lovely very dark-green/brown surfaces. A magnificent example. Extremely fine.
Ex Vinchon 2 December 2015, 208 and Leu 71, 24 October 1997, 520.
The coinage of Probus is renowned for the remarkable bust types used on its obverses. This piece is no exception. We not only have a military bust, but one protected by a highly ornamental shield bearing a scene of triumph. The emperor is riding to the left, his hand raised to acknowledge the cheers of the onlookers we must imagine to have been there; he is preceded by Victory and followed by a soldier who strides along, his right hand raised and holding a wreath in the emperor’s honor.

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