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Hadrian, 117-138. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 32mm, 22.08 g 6), Rome, 136. HADRIANVS - AVG COS III P P Bare head of Hadrian to right. Rev. RESTITVTORI NICOMEDIAE / SC Hadrian, togate, standing left, extending his right hand to raise up a kneeling figure of Nicomedia, shown as a turreted female figure holding a rudder over her left shoulder and extending her right hand to clasp that of Hadrian. Banti 674 (this coin). Cohen 1283 var. Hill 731. RIC 961 (citing this coin). Of great rarity, perhaps the only example with a bare head known. With a superb dark green patina. Various scratches and marks, otherwise, good very fine.

From a Swiss collection, acquired from LHS in 2008, and previously from an old Swiss collection, ex Santamaria 1967 and from the Ryan Collection, Glendining 2 April 1952, 2573, and recorded in the Ryan sale as being from a Sotheby sale in 1923 (but no such sale exists).
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