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ISLANDS off THRACE, Thasos. Circa 148-90/80 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 32mm, 16.97 g 11), apparently an early imitation. Head of a youthful Dionysos to right, wearing elaborate ivy wreath with leaves and berries. Rev. ΘΑΣΙΩΝ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΟΥΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ Youthful Herakles, nude but for drapery over his shoulder and let arm, standing facing, his head to left, holding a club in his right hand and resting his left at his waist; in field to left, Μ monogram. Dewing 1343. OTA pl. 46 passim. SNG Copenhagen 1043 ff. Toned and well-struck. Extremely fine.

From the Stoecklin Collection.
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