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SICILY, Syracuse. Dionysios I, 405-367 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25mm, 17.40 g 10), in the style of Eukleidas, c. 405-395. Charioteer, holding kentron in his right hand and reins in both, driving fast quadriga left; above, Nike flying right, crowning charioteer with wreath held in both hands; in exergue, dolphin left. Rev. ΣYPAKO[ΣIΩN] Head of Arethousa left, hair bound with sphendone over which several tresses fly back, wearing double-loop earring and plain necklace with frontal pendant; around, four dolphins. Tudeer 103 (possibly e, ex Gotha). SNG ANS 299-300 var. Beautifully toned and nicely struck, with a splendid head of Arethusa, extremely fine.

From the Stoecklin Collection, acquired from Hess AG in Luzern, and possibly ex Gotha.
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