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Auction 12

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Numismatica Genevensis SA, Auction 12

Ancient and World Coins

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Part 1: Mo, 18.11.2019, until 10:00 AM CET
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Abbasid Caliphate, third period
al-Muktafi billah Abu Muhammad 'Ali b. al-Mu'tadid, AH 289-295 (902-908 CE). Presentation double Dinar AH 290, Madinat al-Salam. Standard abbasid third period dinar legends on both obverse and reverse. 8,45g. Album -.
Extremely rare and extremely fine.
This extremely rare coin of double weight is clearly a presentation piece even if it was struck with the dies for the circulation dinar. The flan was perfectly cut and the care in the strike is far above average.

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