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An extremely rare multiple of Tipu Sultan.
Tipu Sultan b. Haydar ‘Ali AH 1215-1227 (1787-1799 CE), AV four Pagodas (Ahmadi) AH 1218, regnal year 8, cyclic year 44 (1790/91 CE), Patan (Seringapatan). 13,72g. Henderson, J.R: The Coins of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan, Madras 1921, No. 5; KM B129; Fr. 1354.
Extremely fine and of the highest rarity.
From the collection of Dr. Lawrence A. Adams, auction CNG Triton XIX (4 January 2016), 2413 and from the auction Bowers and Merena (13 September 1993), 296.
The first ruler of this dynasty, Haydar ‘Ali, was an officer who distinguished himself by his military successes. His son Tipu was also an outstanding military commander who scored a victory over the British shortly before his father's death in AH 1195 (1780 CE). He reached an uneasy peace with the British in AH 1198 (1784 CE), but his attack on the Raja of Travancore provoked the British into invading Mysore in AH 1207 (1792 CE). By the terms of the Treaty of Seringapatam Tipu was obliged to cede half his territories to the British, pay a thirty million rupi war indemnity, and give up two of his sons as hostages. He was unable to enlist support from other foreign powers, and the British, allied with the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Marathas, stormed Seringpatam and killed Tipu Sultan in AH 1212 (1797 CE). Haydar ‘Ali's coinage is technically anonymous. He was illiterate, and it bears only the letter of his name, HA. Tipu Sultan struck an original and remarkable coinage of his own which included four varieties of gold, seven of silver and five of copper. He continued to place HA on his coins in honour of his father, as well as the exact day, month and year of his accession in a calendar that he himself invented, with his regnal year in both cyclic years and numerals. This coin was the largest of the gold struck by Tipu Sultan and was known as the "Ahmadi" (most praiseworthy). It is dated AH 1218 and is equivalent in weight to four pagodas; one pagoda corresponding to the Venetian ducat. This coinage is extremely rare.

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