Numismatica Genevensis SA

Auction 11

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Numismatica Genevensis SA, Auction 11

A Royal Collection

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A rare Bacchanalian type.
Nur al-Din Muhammad Jahangir, AH 1014-1037 (1605-1627 CE). AV Mohur AH 1023, regnal year 9 (1614 CE), Ajmir. Radiate Jahangir seated cross-legged on throne nimbate facing left with goblet in right hand, around inscription with name of Jahangir / Central radiate sun within pelleted quadrate border with upper and lower lines extending to create additional side panels. 10,94g. BMC Mughal 319-21 (same obverse die as 319); KM 179.6; Fr. 760 (this coin illustrated); Liddle Jahangir Type G38.
Good fine.
From the collections of Dr Donald M. Hull, Malter XXXI (9 June 1985), 3337, and Dr. Lawrence A. Adams, auction CNG Triton XIX (4 January 2016), 2398.

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