Numismatica Genevensis SA

Auction 11

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Numismatica Genevensis SA, Auction 11

A Royal Collection

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Cimmerian Bosporos.
An extraordinary Pantikapaion gold Stater coming from the Michailovitch collection.
Pantikapaion. Gold Stater, circa 360-350 BC. Head of bearded Pan with goat's ear and free hair to the left / Griffin prancing with his right forepaw raised to the left, his head facing and holding a spear in his jaws. Letters Π A N, around. An ear of wheat below. 9,11g. Anohin 91; Gulbenkian 580; Jameson 2144; Regling Principo 166; SNG BM 855.
A Superb specimen.
From the collections of the Johns Hopkins University, Bank Leu/Numismatic Fine Arts (16 October 1984), 165, of J.W. Garrett (purchased from Spink’s, 29 July 1929 for 2'480$) and of the Grand Duke Alexander Michailovitch as well as from the auctions NGSA 8 (24-25 November 2014), 31 and Leu 91 (10 May 2004), 88.

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