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Greek, Roman and Gupta Empire gold coins

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Trajan, 98 – 117. Aureus circa 112-113, AV 6.84 g. IMP TRAIANVS AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. DIVI NERVA ET TRAIANVS PAT Confronted busts of Nerva on l., laureate and drapery on l. shoulder and Trajan Pater on r., bareheaded and draped. C 104 var. (laureate only). BMC 498. RIC 726 var. (TRAIANO on obverse). CBN 690. Calicó 1138a. Woytek 405f1.
Very rare. An interesting and fascinating issue with three portraits of fine style. Very fine

Marcus Ulpius Traianus, the first senatorial member of the Ulpii, came to prominence under Nero, at which time he served with distinction commanding the 10th Legion during the Jewish War. For his successes in the East and as gratuity for having allowed Titus the honour of capturing Joppa after he had brought it to its final resistance, Vespasian awarded him the consulship in 70. Trajan Pater subsequently served as governor of Syria where he earned the ornamenta triumphalia for his successful defence of Rome's borders against Parthia, and he ended public life as proconsul of all Asia, a supreme honour bestowed upon him in 79. The final crown to his glory was accorded posthumously, for he was deified in about 115. This tribute is recorded only by this coinage. On the reverse of this aureus Trajan Pater's portrait is bareheaded, for he never was emperor, whereas the portrait of the former emperor Nerva is laureate.

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