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Greek, Roman and Gupta Empire gold coins

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Julia, daughter of Titus. Aureus 88-89 (?), AV 7.62 g. IVLIA – AVGVSTA Draped bust r., hair in dome at top of head and in plait falling at neck. Rev. DIVI TITI FILIA Peacock in splendour. C 6. BMC Domitian 250. RIC Domitian 683. CBN Domitian 220. Kent-Hirmer pl. 68-69, 241. Calicó 809.
Extremely rare and in unusually good condition for the issue. A nice portrait
struck in high relief, good very fine / about extremely fine

Ex Leu 45, 1988, 324; NAC 33, 2006, 461 and NAC 52, 2009, 387 sales. From the collection of a Retired Banker.
This aureus is especially helpful for understanding Julia Titi’s undefined position within the Flavian dynasty because its obverse attests to her holding the title of Augusta and its reverse promotes her as the "daughter of the divine Titus". Though Julia was an Augusta, she was secondary in importance to Domitia, the wife of her uncle Domitian, who was then the reigning emperor. None the less, the future was brimming with hope for Julia, a woman who has come down to us in the historical tradition as less than scrupulous. She was young enough to hope for an elevation from her position of honor to one of actual authority, especially since she was having a secret affair with her uncle Domitian, who was childless and in a difficult marriage. In 83, not long after this coin was struck, Julia’s prospects brightened considerably: Domitian exiled his wife and Julia could pursue her affair with Domitian more completely by living with him in the palace. This did not bode well for Julia’s unfortunate husband, her second cousin Flavius Sabinus, who Domitian soon executed on an invented charge. The incestuous couple shared their lives until 90 or 91, when Julia died of a failed abortion attempt.

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