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SICILY. Syracuse. Dionysios I , 405-367 BC. Dekadrachm (Silver, 34 mm, 42.99 g, 11 h), signed by Euainetos, circa 405-400. Charioteer driving quadriga galloping to left, holding the reins with his left hand and kentron in his right; above, Nike flying right, crowning the charioteer with a wreath; in exergue, on two slightly raised lines, shield, pair of greaves, cuirass and crested helmet; below, [ΑΘΛΑ]. Rev. ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ / Δ Head of Arethusa to left, wearing wreath of reeds, triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace; around, four dolphins; below the dolphin swimming under Arethusa's neck, signature [Ε]Υ[ΑΙΝΕ]. Dewing 902 ( same dies ). Gallatin O. XI-R.D. I. Pozzi 614 ( same dies ). Rizzo pl. LIV, 4 ( same dies ). A beautifully struck coin, free from the usual heavy obverse die rust and with attractive old collection toning. Very light die rust on the reverse , otherwise, extremely fine.

Ex H. J. Berk 112, 13 January 2000, 135.
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