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SICILY. Syracuse. Agathokles, 317-289 BC. Stater (Silver, 22 mm, 8.49 g, 9 h), circa 317-306/5. Head of Athena to right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet decorated with griffin springing right; behind, trophy left. Rev. ΣYPAK-OΣIΩN (the second part retrograde) Pegasus flying to left; below, triskeles running right. Calciati 11/1 ( this coin ). SNG ANS 558 var. (triskeles running left). A wonderful piece, lightly toned, perfectly centered and of splendid early Hellenistic style. Extremely fine.

From the collection of Yves Gunzenreiner, ex Münzen & Medaillen 54, 26 October 1978, 128.
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