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LOCRIS. Locris Opuntia. Ca. 380-338 BC. AR stater (23mm, 12.08 gm, 4h). NGC Choice VF 3/5 - 3/5, die shift. Head of Demeter left, hair wreath in grain ears, wearing triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace / ΟΠΟΝ-ΤΙΩΝ, Ajax the Lesser advancing right in fighting stance, nude but for helmet, holding shield and sword, inside of shield decorated with coiled serpent, circular shield between legs. BCD Locris 15. SNG Copenhagen 47. From the Jack and Judy Cowan Collection. Ajax the Lesser, depicted on the reverse of this attractive type, hailed from Locris Opuntia and led a flotilla of 40 ships during the Trojan War. Upon Troy's fall, he was alleged by Odysseus to have violated a sanctuary of Athena by ravishing Cassandra, thus bringing the wrath of Athena down upon himself and his countrymen. Ajax himself perished on the return voyage, and the rest of the Opuntians reached home only with great difficulty. Nevertheless, they annually honored their former leader by launching a ship fitted with black sails and laden with gifts, which was then set alight.


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