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Heritage Auctions, Auction 3072

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Part 1: Tu, 15.01.2019, from 05:00 PM CET
Part 2: We, 16.01.2019, from 05:00 PM CET
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MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Antigonus III Doson (229-221 BC). AR tetradrachm (31mm, 17.06 gm, 11h). NGC XF 5/5 - 4/5.  Amphipolis, ca. 227-225 BC. Head of Poseidon right, wearing wreath of seaweed / Apollo, examining bow held in extended right hand, seated left on prow left inscribed BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIΓONOY; monogram below. SNG Ashmolean 3266 (same obverse die). SNG Saroglos 933. SNG Ashmolean 3266. SNG Copenhagen 1204. Dewing 1206.


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Price realized 1'600 USD
Starting price 500 USD
Estimate 1'000 USD
The auction is closed.
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