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Licinius Aureus, extremly rare and pedigreed

Licinius (308-324 AD). Aureus (5.15 g), Nicomedia, c. 313 AD.
Obv. LICINIVS AVGVSTVS, Laureate head to right.
Rev. IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter standing right, holding sceptre and victory on globe; at feet, eagle; star in right field, SMN•• in exergue.
RIC 8 (this coin); C. 106var (SMN only); Depeyrot 17/2 (this coin); Calicó 5123 (R3, not illustrated).

Extremely rare and possibly unique. Good very fine/almost extremely fine.

From the Trau Collection and ex Gilhofer&Ranschburg/Hess (1935), N° 3804 and Hess 1936, N° 2752.
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