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Edward the Confessor (1042-1066), AR penny. Winchester, 1.23g, 20mm.
Hammer Cross type, moneyer Leofwold, 1059-1062.
Obv: EADPAR RDRE, crowned bust right
Rev: LIOFPOLD ON PINCES (NP ligated, S on its side), voided short cross with incurved ends
North 828, S 1182, BMC xi, EMC 2016.0249 (this coin, found near Ely)

Edward is the only King of England to have been canonized. He was originally crowned at Winchester, this coin’s mint city, and the traditional seat of the West Saxons. At the time of this coin’s minting, Edward had given many Earldoms to the Godwin family, effectively giving them control over most of England, while Edward himself focused on his pet projects, most importantly Westminster Abbey. Malcolm of Scotland, who had been an exile in Edward’s court earlier, paid him a visit in 1059 immediately following his defeat of Macbeth. (Yes, that Macbeth.) By 1061, the ungrateful Malcolm was raiding in Northern England, among other troubles that beset the kingdom. The seeds of the Anglo-Saxon downfall were sown, ready for 1066. Notably, a Leofwold at Winchester also coined for William the Conqueror, making this lovely piece a perfect link between the Anglo-Saxon and Norman periods of English history. The fact that its find spot is known (the coin is listed in the Fitzwilliam Museum’s database, Early Medieval Coinage) is an added bonus.

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